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The Eilandspolder in Graft is worth visiting. Sailing, cycling or walking in Graft there is much to discover. This peatland area with its rich vegetation provides an excellent habitat for grassland- and waterfowl.
Sailing in the Eilandspolder past picturesque villages and hamlets is a real “back in the time” experience.

In the Shire, you can rent boats equipped with electric motors. You sail in whisper quiet with a speed of 6 kilometers per hour through the area of ​​the Eilandspolder. With only the murmur of the water and the chirping of birds in the background.
A wonderful time to relax and enjoy nature.

Cruise and bike rentals

Besides our whisper boats, we rent a canal boat for large groups. Prefer to pick up the bike? This is also possible with our.

We also provide refreshments. Coffee and cakes in advance, a picnic or barbecue while sailing all together are some of our capabilities.


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