In whisper quiet boating in the area of ​​Eilandspolder to completely unwind and enjoy nature, in short; a lovely day out. With boat rentals De Gouw you can do this with our whisper boats. Our boats are available for use by anyone, since you do not need a license. The boats in our boat rental at a rate of 6 kilometers per hour and are easy to drive. You can sail with GPS on your smartphone or tablet.In an app we have a ticket made,,nl,You will receive the data from us at the start,,nl,and a roadmap,,nl. At the start you will receive the data, en een routekaart, which clearly states how and where you can sail. You can also visit our island. Laze picnic, barbecue or play fun games.

our fleet

We have 9 whisper boats to 6 persons, 5 Explore and four luxury boats to 8 persons. One of the luxury boats can accommodate a wheelchair goer.

New in our offer is the whisper microscope, called E sloop, Four accommodate up to 6 people, and appropriate to 10 persons. This is a very luxurious boat with a full round seat making it gezeldschap may take place nice and cozy. The seats of the E sloop have a comfortable backrest. The E boat sails very pleasant and has extra space to store stuff away.
These boats may also sail in another area through the lock using the network launches
For example, to the Alkmaardermeer or the Zaanse Schans. Maar let op dit duurt de hele dag en dient van te voren aangegeven te worden.

Nice to be able to sit and sit back, You can rent a comfortable seat for € 1,- per hour with a maximum price of € 5,-.

Prices in low season: April, May, September, October

Whisper Boat (6 PPL)Explore,en (6 PPL)Green Silver (8 PPL)Luxury E sloop (6 PPL)Sloop Prestige (6 PPL)Open boat Grand (10 PPL)
1 hour253546516060
2 hour405368779097.50
3 hour557190103120135
4 hour7089112129150172.50

Prices in high season: June, July, August

Whisper Boat (6 PPL)Explore,en ( 6 PPL)Green Silver (8 PPL)Luxury E sloop (6 PPL)Sloop Prestige (6 PPL)Open boat Grand (10 PPL)
1 hour2535N / AN / AN / AN / A
2 hour4053N / AN / AN / AN / A
3 hour5571N / AN / AN / AN / A
4 hour7089N / AN / AN / AN / A
10:00 - 13:00N / AN / A90103120135
14:00 -18:00N / AN / A1120129150172.50

We also offer some attractive packages in combination with the whisper boat. For more information, please visit our packages page.

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  • The whisper boats

    The whisper boats
  • A luxury electric boat

    A luxury electric boat
  • luxury E sloop for 10 persons

    luxury E sloop for 10 persons
  • The comfort seat

    The comfort seat
  • 6 persoons luxe E sloep

    6 persoons luxe E sloep
  • Explore tot 6 persons + stuurkolom

    Explore tot 6 persons + stuurkolom
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