Delicious picnic together in the midst of nature you can do on our island or other picnic spots. We give you the choice between a standard and a more luxurious picnic hamper. Both baskets feature sandwiches, document, fruit and drink. In the next column you can read what is being offered just a picnic basket.

We also offer some attractive packages in combination with a picnic basket. For more information, please visit our packages page.

Standard picnic basket
3 spheres, cheese, meats, fruit, sweet fillings,
cookie, coffee and tea

€ 10,- per person

Luxe picnic basket
2 and beads 1 French bread, various species of
cheese, luxury meats, fruit, tomatoes and
cucumber, sweet fillings, bottle of wine or

€ 15,- per person

Exclusive picnic
Two pastries, fruit,
pasta / pesto salad, beemster juice or wine.

choice of white or brown bread, ciabatta of waldkorn
with old cheese, salmon, or roast beef carpaccio.
With Ruccula, sundried tomatoes, egg and parmesan cheese.
€ 19,50 p.p.

Sandwiches are also available separately.
€ 5,50 apiece

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