Whisper Boating Low season: April, May, September, October
Whisper Boat (6 PPL)Explore,en (6 PPL)Green Silver (8 PPL)Luxury E sloop (6 PPL)Sloep Prestige (6 PPL)Open boat Grand (10 PPL)
1 hour253546516060
2 hour405368779097.50
3 hour557190103120135
4 hour7089112129150172.50
Season: June, July, August
Whisper Boat (6 PPL)Explore,en ( 6 PPL)Green Silver (8 PPL)Luxury E sloop (6 PPL)Sloep Prestige (6 PPL)Open boat Grand (10 PPL)
10:00 – 13:00NVTNVT90103120135
14:00 -18:00NVTNVT1120129150172.50
A comfort seat can be rented for € 1,- per hour with a maximum price of € 5,-. Boat Tour The price for a two-hour tour with the tour boat is € 9,- per person. An extra hour with the boat is € 4,- per person on top of the regular price. If you are with less than 15 people you can hire the Boat Tour for the amount of € 135,-.

Adults bike€ 10,-
Child's bike€ 10,-
Child seat€ 2,50
tandem€ 20,-
Standard picnic basket€ 10,- per person
Luxe picnic basket€ 15,- per person
Exclusive picnic € 19,50 per person
Coffee and pastries€ 6,- per person
Snacks and drinks on board€ 13,50 per person
Standard barbecue€ 33,50 per person
Luxe barbecue€ 43,50 per person
Barbecue for small groups€ 24,50 per person

Terms fluisterboot rental De Gouw:

  • You rent the boat at your own risk.
  • Read the instructions carefully.
  • And listen carefully to the instructions.
  • To care for the rental equipment, it is not a toy.
  • Damage you caused to the boat or inventory relates to you.
    Damage to third comes at your expense.
  • Stay in the area "the Eilandspolder", You can only lock if it is agreed in advance.
  • Boat liver again as you got it.
    No junk in the screw( motor), dredge in the boat or on the pads. Come with a clean screw(motor) back.
  • Demand for cleaning equipment if you need it.
    We bring € 20,- boat charged with negligence.
  • Do you think there is something wrong with the boat please tell us in time, we will look and possibly compensate for the price.

We are open from 10.00 to 20.00 hour, so come back in time.
Without permission or reason we charge after 20.00 hours hours double.

Terms of payment

We deal per quarter or agreed time.
Of arrangement, met 3 days prior to the rental date the agreed number of persons.
The time starts when you sail away or on time.
Come back later, without explanation, then cons you others who have rented the boat after you and we take this into account.

Payment cash, with pin or invoice.
An invoice can only be sent if all details are known.
So make sure that the billing address is passed to the right numbers, etc..
Otherwise, only a cash or debit card payment possible.
Legally payment is 30 days, Then you get a reminder + 4% the amount.

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